Spotlight: Alan D’Amore

At Surface Workshop, we are constantly looking to other designers for inspiration. We admire those who are as passionate about making as we are. Alan D’Amore is a vibrant, creative designer known around these parts for his artistic chairs, tables, and sculptures. An architect by education and training, he has spent countless hours shaving down solid wood and joining the pieces using japanese joinery techniques to create one of a kind pieces.

alan damore sanwich board                                      Photo courtesy of Lillian Rodriguez



alan damore sanwich board 02                                      Photo courtesy of Alan D’Amore




alan damore sanwich board 01                                      Photo courtesy of Alan D’Amore

We are lucky to consider Alan a good friend of ours. He created a beautiful and much talked about sandwich board for our wedding last month. The board not only looked good, but it also smelled amazing. We topped it with a bouquet our sweet friend helped us arrange and used it at the entry to the venue.

Check out more of Alan’s work at his workshop’s tumblr. 

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