Royal Palm Residence

Project: Royal Palm Residence
Year: 2013

This multifaceted residential project involved luxurious millwork, the construction of unique furniture, and the installation of premium kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The extensive work completed on this newly constructed home is immediately visible in the foyer, which features walnut paneling with hand-picked veneers. Designed by NC-office, the paneling extends into a walnut table and decorative screen, both emerging contiguously from the wall.  The rich pattern of walnut continue into the home’s common spaces, as seen in the gorgeous bar with mirror and china cabinet. Accents of walnut continue into the kitchen, which also features a premium white lacquer throughout the cabinets and dining table. The alluring walnut veneer is also featured on window casings throughout the home, giving the thoughtfully designed residence a warm, cohesive feeling.

walnut Foyer


Foyer 1